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FACT CHECK: Is the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ a Real Thing?

In January 2018, millions of cable TV viewers had their first encounter with the “Tide pod challenge…

Tide pod challenge: What is it, and why is the viral video …

Teens are biting into the liquid laundry detergent pods, or cooking them and chewing them before spitting them out.

Tide pod challenge: Teens ‘eat’ detergent pods, post …

2018-01-11 · As part of a dangerous new online challenge, teens are putting laundry pods in their mouth. It all started as jokes. The lure of Tide Pods, …

Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod Challenge"

Government watchdog is expressing concern over the latest social media fad called the "Tide Pod Challenge"

Tide Pod Challenge: YouTube is removing ‘dangerous’ …

2018-01-18 · YouTube and Facebook are trying to stop the spread of the Tide Pod Challenge, a bizarre and dangerous phenomenon in which social …

Here’s How Common the Tide Pod Challenge Really Is | …

2018-01-17 · The Tide Pod Challenge reportedly has teenagers eating laundry pods. Here’s how many teenagers are actually eating laundry pods.

‘Do not eat’: Teens warned against taking ‘Tide pod challenge…

The latest social media fad called the "Tide pod challenge" has parents and health professionals worried and has led to an NFL star making a public service

Tide Pod Challenge – cnn.com

2018-01-17 · Teens have been filming themselves biting into laundry pods as part of an online "challenge," which could have harmful or even deadly repercussions

Tide Pod challenge – Wikipedia

Tide Pods (stylized as Tide PODS) are a line of laundry detergent pod from Procter & Gamble’s Tide brand. Tide Pods have often been featured in media

Tide Pod challenge: There were over 12,000 poison …

Tide Pods are the Internet’s breakout meme of early 2018. For those of you not in the know, the joke is that brightly colored laundry detergent pods look like

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